1. Respect the standards of living of the building, respect the peace and good living, greet and maintain a good atmosphere with all people. 
  2. Misbehavior, bad habits, prostitution, suspicion of illegal activity, sexual exploitation, CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT. 
  3. Damages should be reported and paid in full before the cancellation of contract. 
  4. The parties are prohibited and the scandals also, and any kind of activity that threaten the morality and the standards of living of the building.
  5. Pets are not allowed such a dogs or cats, rabbits and so on. 
  6. Every day at 6:00 PM, the Watch man will ring the bell in each apartment to pick up the garbage. If you have additional garbage please let him know in order to pick it up to throw it into the waste place. 
  7. The pool is for exclusive use to the residents of Palmagua, from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Into the pool will be taken intoaccount and it is mandatory the following rules:
    1. The bathing cap is mandatory to people with a long hair.
    2. Is absolutely forbidden to play with any kind of balls, and any other game that could bother the rest of the pool users.
    3. It is prohibited eat any kind of meal or drink into the pool and also throw any garbage or objects into the pool, the users of the pool should use the garbage cans intended for this purpose.
    4. The hammocks or “tumbonas” are not allowed around of the pool area.
    5. It is prohibited the access to the bathing area with clothing and street shoes.
    6. Any object capable of causing damage to users or contaminate the water is absolutely prohibited (sharp objects or debris and so on). 
  8. It is not allowed the access to the pool to people havinginfectious diseases that can affect to other users through the modes of transmission susceptible to them. It is compulsory to get a shower before to get into the pool with extremely care to avoid bronzers and any other kind of cream on the pool water. The use of sunscreens is recommended but the bronzers are prohibited, because most of them cause damage to the water contributing to the degradation of the good service.
  9. It is prohibited to sit down in the wall of the gas meters, because they are not designed to allow too much weight. Additional chairs can be placed as necessary.